Pisces Characteristics

Know more about Pisces characteristics. Find out a lot more in detail about characteristics of Pisces male and female.

Pisces Characteristics

There are 12 zodiac signs and one of them is Pisces. Pisces is on the 12th position amongst the astrological signs. People born between February 20 to March 20 are considered under the Pisces sign. Pisces is associated with the element water. Jupiter is the ruler planet of Pisces and its co- ruler is Neptune. Fish is the zodiac symbol for Pisces. Persons with Pisces sign possess gentle nature, are patient and get easily influenced.

Some of the characteristic of Pisces are:-
Pisces are very generous and are of friendly nature. They are kind and compassionate. They are sensitive and are easily affected by people around them. They are popular among their folks as they possess friendly nature, affectionate and are easy going. They are adaptable to their life's situations and with people they meet. Being patient is one of their positive traits. They are more social as compared to people of other zodiac signs and tend to make friends wherever they go. They are good in art fields like dance, music, drama, etc. Pisces are often shy, dreamy, unrealistic and impractical. They have a very creative mind and are highly trustworthy. They adore nature, music and freedom. Poetry is a part of their life. Pisces people hate loud noise, crowdy places, leaking secrets and being nagged.

Both Pisces men and women possess same qualities, but there few characteristics which differ in of them.

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