Pisces Weaknesses

What are the weaknesses of Pisces? Find out below.

Weaknesses of Pisces

  • Pisces people are very emotional and sensitive. This bothers people around them.

  • They are extremely moody and temperamental at times.

  • Pisces people are known to be escapist in life.

  • They really cannot face harsh situations in life, which makes them over sensitive.

  • They can be idealistic at times which irritates other people around them.

  • They do not budge easily, which make them inflexible.

  • They do not accept change, as they like being in their own space and want things to be done according to them.

  • Pisces people are weak minded, they get carried away with situations easily.

  • They are not firm about the decisions they take in life.

  • They can be short tempered and aggressive depending on the situation.